The Montana Dinosaur Trail Prehistoric Passport

The Prehistoric Passport is available at each trail facility for $5. For an additional $2.00 shipping fee ($7 total) you can purchase your Passport right now by clicking into the MT Dinosaur Trail Prehistoric Passport PayPal Store.

If you have any questions about the Passport or your order, call the Prehistoric Passport Main Office, 406-654-1866,

The Prehistoric Passport is a fun "tool" you can use to unearth the primordial treasures of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. The passport describes the extraordinary dinosaur displays, exhibits and activities found at each of the trail's 14 facilities in 12 Montana communities. Each passport includes Fun Fossil Facts, a section for field notes and space for the official "Dino Icon"; stamps that verify the passport owner has visited each trail facility.

Once you've collected all 14 unique "Dino Icon"; stamps from the trail facilities, you'll receive a gold seal, a certificate of completion and an exclusive Montana Dinosaur Trail Prehistoric Passport T-Shirt specifically designed for those who complete the trail.

Passport owners have 5 years from the purchase date to complete the trail and be eligible for the rewards.

Proceeds from passport sales are used by the non-profit trail organization members to support their facilities and the promotion of the Montana Dinosaur Trail.

The Montana Dinosaur Trail was created in 2005 to highlight the unique and, in many cases, world class dinosaur displays, interpretation and programs found in Montana. The trail and its funding partners were honored as the 2007 Montana Tourism Partnership of the Year by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and the Montana Tourism Advisory Council.

In addition to the Montana Dinosaur Trail website, you can find Trail and additional Montana visitor information – in mobile-friendly format - at Montana Official State Travel Site.