Makoshika State Park

  • This museum has unique paleontology displays, interpretation, replicas, or actual skeletons of dinosaurs and other fossils found in Montana.
  • This museum provides public/visitor education programs and/or guided tours of the paleontology displays associated with the facility. These may be both regularly scheduled or available upon request.

1301 Snyder Avenue
Glendive, MT 59330


Makoshika State Park is located just southeast of Glendive. Makoshika means ‘bad land’ in Lakota, and the Park’s landscape is part of the late Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation. Over ten different dinosaur species have been discovered in Makoshika. Significant discoveries include a complete Triceratops horridus skull, the fossil remains of Edmontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex, and a nearly complete skeleton of the rare Thescelosaur.

Makoshika is Montana’s largest state park; the land has been set aside for visitors to enjoy, offering camping, hiking, and a vast collection of history. The recently refurbished visitor center houses the Triceratops skull, and provides additional interpretive displays significant to the badlands.

Did You Know?

The Hell Creek Formation is rich in dinosaur fossils, and has led to many of the world’s most important discoveries in the field. In Makoshika alone, 10 species of dinosaurs have been discovered, and there are more remains to be found. As the wind, rain, snowfall, etc. continue to disrupt the landscape and erode the sandstone, more fossils will show themselves.

Where to Next on the Montana Dinosaur Trail?


Frontier Gateway Museum
Glendive, 201 State Street (Take I-94 exit 215)

Nearest to the South

Carter County Museum
Ekalaka, 106 miles (1.75 hours)
I-94 east from Glendive to Wibaux, MT Highway 7 south from Wibaux to Ekalaka.

Nearest to the West

Garfield County Museum
Jordan, 115 miles (2 hours)
US Hwy 200s northwest from Glendive to Circle, US Hwy 200 west from Circle to Jordan.

While You’re in the Area

Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum

This museum is not a member of the Montana Dinosaur trail. The facility bases its exhibits on a biblical context and sits down the road from the Frontier Gateway Museum in Glendive.

Glendive Recreation Department

Check out their site for a variety of outdoor opportunities such as winter snowshoes and cross- country ski rentals to providing refreshing swimming and an enjoyable splash park during the summer.

Hell Creek Music

The Hell Creek Music store features the largest selection of guitars in the state of Montana, and has a 38-foot replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex on display.

The Historic Bell Street Bridge

This is the perfect place for riverfront views and an observation point for beautiful sunsets along the Yellowstone River. The bridge provides a safe pedestrian/biking trail over the river.

Yellowstone River

Running through Glendive, the Yellowstone River provides fishing, agate hunting, boating, and other recreational opportunities.

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