Depot Museum

  • This museum has unique paleontology displays, interpretation, replicas, or actual skeletons of dinosaurs and other fossils found in Montana.

25 4th Ave. NW
Rudyard, MT 59540


For years, the Rudyard area has been providing dinosaur specimen for the Museum of the Rockies and other premier institutions. In 2006, the Rudyard Dinosaur Hall opened its doors as part of the Depot Museum. The Dinosaur Hall’s signature display is the ‘Oldest Sorehead,’ a fully articulated Gryposaurus found near Rudyard. The facility’s lifelike duck-bill dinosaur (Maiasaura specimen) and egg nest display places you right next to these ancient creatures. The museum also offers many other permanent and changing dinosaur exhibits. Paleontologists are continuing work in the Rudyard area, adding to the museum’s fossil collection.

Did You Know?

Rudyard has a population of 596 nice people and 1 old sorehead. This special designation has become engrained in the traditions of the town, which now elects an “Old Sorehead,” who is supposedly the grumpiest man in town. On election day, the town rallies together for a community celebration raising funds for the local old folk’s home and casting their votes for the town’s Oldest Sorehead.

Where to Next on the Montana Dinosaur Trail?

Nearest To the East

H. Earl Clack Museum
Havre, 40 miles (45 minutes)
US Highway 2 east to Havre.

Nearest to the West

Two Medicine Dinosaur Center
Bynum, 134 miles (2.25 hours)
US Hwy 2 west from Rudyard to Shelby; I-15 south from Shelby to Jct. MT 44; MT 44 west through Valier to US Hwy 89 Jct.; south on US Hwy 89 to Bynum.

While You’re in the Area

HiLine Vintage Motors Museum

Striving to uphold the history of the area, the HiLine Vintage Motors Museum boasts a collection of vintage vehicles displayed in the historic Phillips Rock Building.

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