Tyrannosaurus, T. rex

Tyrannosaurus, T. rex



Type (Class):

Tyrannosaur (theropod dinosaur)

Adult Length:

~ 40 feet

Adult Weight:

~ 9 – 15 tons

Lived in:

Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Saskatchewan

Alive During:

Late Cretaceous Period

Food Source:

Carnivore (meat-eater)

Fun Fact:

Tyrannosaurus was one of the largest carnivorous animals to ever roam North America. It had a very powerful bite and its bite marks have been found on the bones of a number of dinosaur species, including other T.rex!

Displayed along the Montana Dinosaur Trail:

Museum of the Rockies, Carter County Museum, Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum, Makoshika State Park, Garfield County Museum, Old Trail Museum, Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Rudyard Depot Museum, Great Plains Dinosaur Museum