Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station

  • This museum provides public/visitor education programs and/or guided tours of the paleontology displays associated with the facility. These may be both regularly scheduled or available upon request.
  • This museum operates or is formally affiliated with organization(s) conducting paleontology field digs which are open to the public. Adherence to the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Code of Ethics is required.

405 US Hwy 2 East
Malta, MT 59538


Located in the heart of dinosaur country, the museum features many fossils, including those of plants, invertebrates, fish, turtles, crocodiles, and a variety of Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaur species. Among the dinosaur fossils are Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Camarasaurus, a horned dinosaur called Maltaceratops, a new and as yet un-named species of raptor dinosaur, and several remarkably preserved hadrosaurs (the duck-billed dinosaurs) – including juvenile and adult specimen. The most recognized exhibit is that of “Leonardo,” a mummified duck-bill Brachylophosaurus canadensis. Field digs and education programs are offered for both adults and children throughout the summer.

Did You Know?

A mummy, though most often referred to in the Egyptian context, simply means that the soft parts of a dead animal have been preserved. “Leonardo,” the “mummy dinosaur,” is one of only a handful of mummified specimen. “Leonardo’s” fossilized remains are covered in soft tissue allowing paleontologists to study its skin, scales, muscles, and even its final meal. This find has helped paleontologists “flesh out” and better understand what Brachylophosaurus actually looked like when it was alive.

Where to Next on the Montana Dinosaur Trail?


Phillips County Museum
Malta, right next door, east across the parking lot.

Nearest to the West

Blaine County Museum
Chinook, 67 miles (1 hour)
US Highway 2 west from Malta to Chinook.

Nearest to the East

Fort Peck Interpretive Center
Fort Peck, 89 miles (1.5 hours)
US Highway 2 east from Malta to Glasgow, MT Highway 24 south from Glasgow to Fort Peck.

Nearest to the South

Upper Musselshell Museum
Harlowton, 191 miles (3.25 hours)
US Highway 191 south from Malta to Lewistown; US Hwy 200 west from Lewistown to its junction with US Hwy 191 at Eddies Corner; US Hwy 191 south from Eddies Corner to Harlowton.

While You’re in the Area

Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge

Located just six miles east of Malta, this wetlands prairie preserve provides viewing opportunities for more than 260 species of birds, as well as other Montana wildlife.

CM Russell National Wildlife Refuge

Sitting at just over 1-million-acres, this wildlife refuge is one of the nation’s largest. It preserves untouched wilderness and habitat for wildlife of many species. The Slippery Ann Wildlife Viewing Area is a popular fall viewing site for elk.

Fishing & Hunting

Check out the popular hunting and fishing opportunities in the area.

Little Rocky Mountains

The communities of Zortman and Landusky are nestled in this “island mountain” range about 45 miles south of Malta. The area provides access to outdoor recreation along with lodging and restaurants.

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

These natural springs have created the perfect retreat on US Highway 2, 17 miles east of Malta. This Oasis on the Hi-Line offers pools, a sauna, and RV sites, camping, and cabins.

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