The Montana Dinosaur Center (aka, Two Medicine Dinosaur Center)

  • This museum has unique paleontology displays, interpretation, replicas, or actual skeletons of dinosaurs and other fossils found in Montana.
  • This museum provides public/visitor education programs and/or guided tours of the paleontology displays associated with the facility. These may be both regularly scheduled or available upon request.
  • This museum operates or is formally affiliated with organization(s) conducting paleontology field digs which are open to the public. Adherence to the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Code of Ethics is required.

120 2nd Ave. S.
Bynum, MT 59419


Education through research is our motto! In addition to our museum – which features local discoveries like the first baby dinosaurs found in North America – we also offer public, hands-on dinosaur dig programs throughout the summer. These programs run from a half-day site tour to our multi-day digs. Advanced registration is required. We believe that the best way to learn something is to experience it for yourself. It is because of this that we encourage the public to join us in our continuing scientific research. Our museum houses a variety of dinosaur, invertebrate, and plant fossils, as well as cultural artifacts from the area.

Did You Know?

There are a number of ways to get involved with active digs through our museum partners. We are always looking for ways to educate and excite visitors about paleontology, and nothing compares to being out in the field yourself. The Montana Dinosaur Center (Two Medicine Dinosaur Center) and the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum offer public digs throughout the summer. Contact them directly to see how you can get involved!

Where to Next on the Montana Dinosaur Trail?

Nearest to the South

Old Trail Museum
Choteau, 14 miles (20 minutes)
US Highway 89 south from Bynum to Choteau.

Nearest to the North

Depot Museum
Rudyard, 134 miles (2.25 hours)
US Highway 89 north from Bynum to MT Highway 44; MT Highway 44 east through Valier to I-15: I-15 north to Shelby; US Highway 2 east from Shelby to Rudyard.

While You’re in the Area

Guest Ranches

There are several guest ranches that operate in the area, visit the Central Montana site to learn more.

Rocky Mountain Front

Bynum is a gateway community to outdoor recreation opportunities such as the Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area and the Bynum Reservoir.

Trex Agate Shop

Known as “the Rock Shop,” Trex Agate Shop is a family owned business founded in 1937 by Cliff and Marion Trexler. The shop offers fossils, rocks, jewelry, crystals, and assorted gifts. Fun Fact: Marion was the one who uncovered North America’s first baby dinosaur in 1978!

More to do in Bynum