Type (Class):

Ceratopsian (Horned Dinosaur)

Adult Length:

~ 25 – 30 feet

Adult Weight:

~ 5 – 9 tons

Lived in:

Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and Saskatchewan

Alive During:

Late Cretaceous Period

Food Source:

Herbivore (plant-eater)

Fun Fact:

Young Triceratops had backwards curving horns above their eyes and prominent spikes bordering their cranial frill. As Triceratops grew, the horns changed shape and curved forwards and the spikes bordering the frill became flattened to the edge of the frill.

Displayed along the Montana Dinosaur Trail:

Museum of the Rockies, Makoshika State Park, Carter County Museum, Garfield County Museum, Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum, Rudyard Depot Museum, Upper Musselshell Museum, Frontier Gateway Museum, Great Plains Dinosaur Museum