H. Earl Clack Memorial Museum

2 Fifth Avenue
Havre, MT 59501


The H. Earl Clack Museum offers visitors the opportunity to explore local human history, as well as the remains of ancient history that have been naturally preserved through time. The museum displays 75- million-year-old dinosaur eggs and embryos found in local exposures of the Judith River Formation. Research suggests these eggs were laid by a kind of lambeosaur (a “duck-bill” dinosaur) along the banks of an ancient river and estuary of the Bearpaw Sea that once covered this area. “Stygi,” a skull cast of the rare Stygimoloch (a species of pachycephalosaur) and an Albertosaurus head mask are also displayed. The famed archeological treasure, the Wahkpa Chu’gn Buffalo Jump Site, is nearby and managed by the museum.

Did You Know?

Scientists are continuing to make ground breaking discoveries in the field, like the discovery of embryos. In 1991, Mary Schweitzer, a Helena native and Doctor of Paleontology, discovered the existence of not only blood vessel-like structures, but of actual blood cells in a T. rex specimen that lived 66 million years ago. Each discovery that is made brings us one step closer to understanding these prehistoric creatures, and the former inhabitants of the place we call home.

Where to Next on the Montana Dinosaur Trail?

Nearest to the East

Blaine County Museum
Chinook, 22 miles (30 minutes)
US Highway 2 east from Havre to Chinook.

Nearest to the West

Depot Museum
Rudyard, 41 miles (45 minutes)
US Highway 2 west from Havre to Rudyard.

While You’re in the Area

Beaver Creek Park

This 10,000-acre county park in the Bear Paw Mountains south of Havre provides access to rolling grasslands, wooded groves, rocky cliffs, and rushing streams. The park offers visitors camping, fishing, hiking, and birding opportunities.

Havre Beneath the Streets

This unique re-creation of a time in Havre’s history when businesses operated underground following a large fire downtown, walks visitors through the history of the town.

Historic Fort Assiniboine

Historic Fort Assinniboine is one of Montana’s oldest and largest remaining 19th Century Army installations, located six miles southwest of Havre.

Wahkpa Chu’gn Buffalo Jump Site

This prehistoric site dates back 2,000 years and is located just outside of the north door of the H. Earl Clack Museum. The site offers guided tours and full interpretation guides for visitors to learn more about the history of the site.

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