Fort Peck Interpretive Center

  • This museum has unique paleontology displays, interpretation, replicas, or actual skeletons of dinosaurs and other fossils found in Montana.
  • This museum provides public/visitor education programs and/or guided tours of the paleontology displays associated with the facility. These may be both regularly scheduled or available upon request.

Lower Yellowstone Road
Fort Peck, MT 59223


The Fort Peck Interpretive Center’s signature attraction is “Peck’s RexTM,” one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever found. The lobby features a life-size replica of Peck’s Rex, and the exhibit hall displays a full-size skeleton cast. A Cretaceous Sea display and several other dinosaur exhibits are also highlighted.

Did You Know?

When the Peck’s Rex was uncovered in 1997, it was the second most complete fossil in the world – 75% complete. It was this find that turned the idea of having a museum close to the dig sites in the Hell Creek formation into a reality. Today visitors will find three versions of the Peck’s Rex: its skeleton, a fleshed-out model, and a hands-on exhibit of the dinosaur’s massive skull.

Where to Next on the Montana Dinosaur Trail?

Nearest to the North

Great Plains Dinosaur Museum & Field Station and Phillips County Museum
Malta, 89 miles (1.5 hours)
MT Hwy 24 north from Fort Peck to Glasgow; US Hwy 2 west Glasgow to Malta.

Nearest to the South

Garfield County Museum
Jordan, 94 miles (1.75 hours)
MT Highway 24 south from Fort Peck to US Highway 200; US Highway 200 to west to Jordan.

Nearest To the East

Frontier Gateway Museum and Makoshika State Park
Glendive 136 miles (2.25 hours)
MT Highway 24 south from Fort Peck to the junction with US Highway 200; US Highway 200 east to Circle; US Highway 200s southeast from Circle to Glendive.

While You’re in the Area

Fort Peck Dam and Powerplant Museum

This museum walks visitors through the history of building the Fort Peck Dam, which is one of the world’s largest earth-filled dams, and provides tours of the Fort Peck Dam powerplant.

Fort Peck’s Historic Townsite

This site was initially created to support the construction of the Fort Peck Dam in 1933. Today, the townsite provides visitors with historical opportunities at both the Fort Peck Hotel and Fort Peck Theatre which offers live-theater performances throughout the summer.

Fort Peck Lake and Recreation Areas

Fort Peck Lake stretches 134 miles and offers “big water” recreation opportunities, including fishing, boating, camping, and exploration.

Milk River Observation Point

Named by Lewis and Clark of the Corps of Discovery, visit the site where the Milk and Missouri Rivers converge.

Valley County Pioneer Museum

Located 18 miles north of Fort Peck on Montana Highway 24, the Valley County Pioneer Museum showcases area history including: fossils, American Indian artifacts, early business, aviation, and wildlife.

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