Type (Class):

Pachycephalosaur (dome-headed dinosaur)

Adult Length:

~ 10 – 15 feet

Adult Weight:

~ 1,000 pounds

Lived in:

Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota

Alive During:

Late Cretaceous Period

Food Source:

Herbivore (plant-eater)

Fun Fact:

The skull of Pachycephalosaurus underwent radical changes as it grew up. Young animals had a flat head with large spikes, but as Pachycephalosaurus matured the spikes reduced in size and it grew a large cranial dome. Pachycephalosaurus is often portrayed as using its dome as a battering ram, but the spikes and dome may have instead been used for visual display.

Displayed along the Montana Dinosaur Trail:

Museum of the Rockies, Carter County Museum, Garfield County Museum, Frontier Gateway Museum